Adjustable Shoulder Brace Compression

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Support and Strengthen Shoulder with Increased Sense of Awareness Using Shoulder Brace Compression

Conventionally unhealthy lifestyles generally led to body pain, muscle injuries, joint pains, and other physical ailments. The Shoulder support strap is specifically designed to overcome these issues effectively.

Get Support and Speed up the Recovery – Support to an injured limb speeds up the healing by providing the required support and allowing rest to the injured muscles. Shoulder braces snugly fit the body and provide comfort.

Increased Sense of Receptors – Researches have shown that compression of the shoulder assists in sending receptors to the brain about the position of the shoulder. This awareness helps in getting knowledge of arm-position and force required through better coordination.

Strengthen The Muscles – Shoulder straps generally have Neoprene material that puts resistance to shoulder movement. This resistance led muscles to work harder for movements, thus resulting in muscle strengthening.


Both Shoulder - Designed to be worn on both shoulder

Adjustable Size - Fits most adults

Cool and Comfortable – These shoulder straps are designed to keep you cool and comfortable even in summers. 

Customize the fit – With Velcro straps you can adjust the fit according to your requirements.

Skin Friendly – It does not irritate the skin and can be worn directly over the skin.

Warm Support – It provides warm support to the shoulder healing and preventing muscle injuries.

Easy to wear and remove.

Adjustable elastic support to fit one size to all.

Perfect choice for arthritis and rheumatic pain, reduces pain due to damaged muscles, injuries and a frozen shoulder.

Special attributes

  1. Super lightweight
  2. Unisex
  3. Best Quality
  4. Washable
  5. Easily Adjustable
  6. Unique Design

Why Choose Shoulder Support Strap ?

You suffer with frozen shoulder, muscle injury, arthritis, rheumatic pain or shoulder dislocation. 

You play sports with maximum shoulder movement like Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Table tennis.

You have swollen joints or inflammation in muscles.

You are an athlete or perform activities like running and riding bicycle.

How does it work ?

Shoulder braces provide support and promote healing by keeping the area immobilized. It keeps the shoulder muscles positioned correctly, encouraging faster healing.

How to wear ?

It can be worn easily due to Velcro straps and adjustable elastic support. It provides complete support through straps that fit across the shoulders and the back, allowing less movement to the shoulder.

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