Freedom Posture Corrector

Size: Size S 50-71 cm
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Get rid of Drooping Shoulders and Step-up with Confidence.

Incorrect posture and lack of physical activities result in drooping shoulders. Long hours sitting work with slouched position further cause neck pain, shoulder pain, and headache. Freedom Posture Corrector presents an adjustable back posture corrector that corrects posture and reduces muscle pain through improved muscle alignment.  


Improve Posture without Medication – The Posture corrector helps shake off the drooped body and corrects humpback without any surgical intervention.

Reduce Tension in Neck and Shoulder – As this corrector aligns the muscles, it lets the muscles relax and reduces the tension in the neck and shoulder.  

Enhance Lung Capacity – Slouched posture compresses the lungs and reduces their expanding capacity. The correct posture opens up the chest and increases lung strength.

Increase Energy Level, Boost Confidence – Through correct posture, muscles get relaxed and reduce fatigue. It increases energy levels and acts as a confidence booster.



Unique Pattern – The unique pattern of the Freedom Posture Corrector makes it wearable during all positions like standing, sitting, or walking. It corrects the coronal and lumbar sections of the frontal plane and reduces muscle tensions. Its specific design makes the posture corrector usable by men, women, and even teenage kids.  

Perforated Design and Soft Material – The soft fabric and nylon tape make it comfortable. The perforated design allows heat dissipation and allows air to cross.  

High-Quality Magic Paste - Nylon belt of the Freedom Posture Corrector fixed with a high-quality magic paste that makes it easy to adjust through the shoulder band.

Easy to Wear – This posture corrector is easy to wear and take off without anyone’s support.

Easy handling allows it to wear anywhere, anytime. It’s comfortable to wear in the office, at home, on travel, and even during exercise.


  1. Premium Fabric.
  2. Perforated Design.
  3. Magic-Paste for Free adjustment.
  4. Velcro-Adjustable Strap.
  5. Easy to Wear and Take-off.
  6. Available in Different Sizes.
  7. Suitable for All Age-Groups.
  8. Strong Back Support.

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