U-Shape Trigger Point Massage Roller

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Reduce Muscle Tension through Self-Myofascial Technique

Treat your body muscles conveniently with a our handheld U-Shape Trigger Point Massage Roller. It heals you naturally for the pain and soreness in the muscles by improving blood circulation. It actively works on the trigger points, restoring mobility and flexibility.


Ease Muscle Pain – Foam rolling eases out the soreness, reducing muscle inflammation. It performs active release therapy on the trigger points, self-massages soft tissues, and rolls away from the discomfort.  

Full-Body Deep-Tissue Myofascial Massage – The ergonomic design of roller massages multiple areas all over the body. It reduces inflammation by stimulating natural blood circulation.

Restorative Stimulation – The rolling massage before and after a workout or physical activity releases stress, minimizes tenderness, and lets you regain it faster.

Training and Rehabilitation Exercises – This multifunctional foam massager is an excellent tool for trainers and professionals for high-end pilates, therapy, and yoga sessions.  

Reduce Cellulite – The massage roller loosen and breaks up the fascia, which further reduces the cellulite.

Release Stress and Relaxe the Body – It soothes muscles by reducing inflammation and thus relaxes the body.

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  • Handheld Double-Sided Massager – The massage roller comes with a double-sided massager and a convenient handheld stick. This feature makes it easy and appropriate to use.
  • 360 ° Wrapped Massage – The 360 ° movement of the massage roller covers the enclosed area of the target body part, letting you experience a complete massage.
  • 3 Colours – The massage roller is available in three beautiful colours, i.e., Pink, Blue, and Black.  
  • ABS Plastic – This foam massager is made of ABS plastic material, imparting durability.  
  • Smooth Water Drop Design.
  • Easy and convenient to use. No help is needed. 
  • Compact and Portable, easy to carry anywhere.

Why do you need U-Shape Trigger Point Massage Roller?

U-Shape Trigger Point Massage Roller is an effective way of reducing stress and muscle soreness all over the body.  

It is a perfect device to be used for warm-up as well as a cooldown practice. 

Moreover, it is an ideal tool for yoga and exercises for healthy living. 

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