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Experience the ultimate pain relief and muscle therapy with our TENS / EMS Machine Premium 36 Modes. This multifunctional massager offers 36 modes to target and alleviate pain in various areas of your body. Say goodbye to sore muscles and aches in your shoulders, back, neck, and more, allowing you to live a pain-free life.

Our TENS unit provides a non-invasive and drug-free solution for pain management, making it the ideal device for home use. With human body simulation technology and intelligent control, it simulates a variety of massage methods, offering customised pain relief tailored to your needs.

  • 36 modes for versatile pain relief and muscle therapy
  • Targets sore and aching muscles in various areas of the body
  • Non-invasive and drug-free pain management solution
  • A/B dual channels with 36 modes and 20 intensity levels for personalised therapy
  • Compact and portable design for relaxation anytime, anywhere
  • Includes 10 self-adhesive reusable electrode pads in different sizes
  • Compatible with wall chargers, power banks, and USB ports for convenient charging

The A/B dual channels with 36 modes and 20 intensity levels ensure a personalised and effective therapy session. Its pocket-sized design allows you to relax anytime, anywhere. Use it at home, in the office, or even while travelling.

With the included accessories like the dust-proof drawstring storage bag, fastening cable ties, and self-adhesive reusable electrode pads, managing and storing your TENS unit has never been easier. Plus, the built-in rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 20 hours of continuous use, eliminating the need for disposable batteries.

Don't let pain hold you back any longer. Take control of your well-being with our Dual Channel TENS EMS Unit and enjoy a life of comfort and relaxation.

Invest in your pain relief and muscle therapy today. Order now and experience the power of our TENS / EMS Machine Premium 36 Modes. Say goodbye to pain and hello to a rejuvenated you!

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