Soft Inflatable Leg Pillow

Color: Blue
Sale price$59.90


It comes with Air Pump.


Material: PVC

Color: Blue

Size: about 25.4 - 50.8 -40.6 cm



1 - Easy to Use: The newest advanced double air valve for easy inflation and deflation. It is only inflated by the upper air valve, and it can be vented by simply releasing the lower layer valve - there is no need to worry about air leaks in the air cushion, the water basin, and no frustration due to any difficult exhaust. Easy to inflate through the mouth or pump.


2 - Versatile Design: Versatile design that works perfectly when sleeping, lying or sitting to support and raise the legs and knees to relax the neck, shoulders, back, and abnormal body pressure.


3 - Practical for Use: Raising your legs can help prevent blood stasis and varicose veins. It doesn't only reduces the pain, but also keeps your body in the best position for better recovery.


4 - Comfortable to Use: The velvet coated PVC is comfortable to touch, washable and easy to clean (wipe with a damp cloth).


5 - Valve Design: The new valve design is easy to inflate and deflate in office or home use, making it easy to travel, saves space, and can be easily inflated whenever and wherever needed.







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