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Empower your daily care routine with a premium quality neck and shoulder massager that will do wonders at helping you relieve pain, achieve muscle relaxation and improve your health.

This device comes enriched with smart technology, and is capable of emitting low-frequency magnetic therapy pulse to facilitate muscle relaxation. It works by transmitting electric signals through the skin and acts directly on the sensory nerve cells to remove pain.

Forget all about the symptoms of cold in the neck with heating-friction process as well as the electric pulses on the neck which ensure all your symptoms are relieved.

15 modes of strength are uniquely tailored to meet all your specific needs.

✔  Promote Blood Circulation
✔  Stimulate Intramuscular Cells
✔  Cervical Pain Relief
✔  Improve Work Productivity
✔  Sleep Better
Promoting blood circulation, it gets rid of your neck pain and tiredness using micro-electric pulse massage relieve muscle discomfort, stimulate intramuscular cell and activate muscle vitality.

Heating massage with sensory 42℃ temperature can relax neck muscles more comprehensively and you can enjoy heat massage SPA.

You only need a deep massage for 15 minutes each time to release fatigue, replenish vitality and maintain a healthy state.


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