4D Eye Massager With Air Compression

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Reward Eyes with the Love and Care it Deserves

Life without eyes is unimaginable, even knowing the fact it is the most overlooked body organ. Continuous exposure to digital equipment and Increased use of screen has an adverse effect on eyes.

Stress and sleep deprivation further worsen the condition and give rise to multiple eye concerns. Eye-strains, puffiness, dark circles, headaches, reduced vision, fine lines are few common issues that call for immediate attention. 4D smart eye care equipment is devised to provide a one-stop solution to multiple eye problems. 

  1. Eye Protection Mode: Massage with music to relax eyes and protect them from common eye problems. (Long Press Switch/Mode key)
  2. Nursing Mode: Massage along with Hot Compress Function and relaxing Music to cure eye ailments. (Short Press Switch/Mode Key)
  3. Strong Mode: Strong massage mode, specifically deliver massage with Hot Compress Function and Vibration to relieve the muscles more effectively. Music is accompanied to keep your mind relaxed. (Short Press Switch/Mode Key)

Refresh Mode: Revive eyes and release stress with Hot Compression Massage and light Music and feel rejuvenated. (Press Power/Mode Key)

Relax Eyes, Release Pain – The intelligent pressure put at different frequencies relaxes the eyes and removes pain. The hot-compress massage by ‘4d Smart Massager’ provides comfort to dry eyes and relieves eye soreness.

Alleviate Headaches – Overexertion, and overexposure to screen result in worn-out eyes and headaches. This Eye Massager works on “Push-Pinch-Squeeze-Push” stimulation around the eyes and temple areas and soothes the muscles. This calm and soothing effect reduces headaches and relaxes the eyes.

Inhibit Vision Loss – This Eye Massager provides multi-frequency vibration that improves your eye adjustment ability. This adjustment ability helps in restricting vision loss and improves vision.

Reduce Fine Lines and Dark Circles – The tranquil effect of eye massage and constant temperature improves the blood circulation around the eyes and reduces fine lines or dark circles. It helps in keeping the skin fresh and young. 

Eliminate Stress, Fight Insomnia – This eye massager relaxes the muscles, reduces headaches, which in return, eliminates stress and allows a sound sleep. The built-in playback facilitates a carefree sleep.


  1. Gas double-layer Circulation Airbag Massage.
  2. Premium Deer Velvet Fabric.
  3. 180 Degree Folding Design.
  4. High-quality Material – Can be used by all age groups.
  5. With around 50 multi-frequency jitters per second.
  6. Constant Hot Compress Temperature.
  7. With Bluetooth feature.
  8. Easy to use, Portable.

Why Choose 4D Eye Massager With Air Compression?

  • You spend long hours on digital equipment.
  • You work with a precision instrument.
  • You suffer from eye fatigue, dryness, puffiness, headaches, or dark circles.
  • You struggle for a good sleep.
  • You stay up till late.

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