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Help Your Muscles with Varied Exercises and Boost Agility

A sedentary lifestyle and absence of physical activities lead to stiff muscles, making them fragile. The lack of muscular strength and perseverance causes muscle injuries affecting your day-to-day activities. Fitness latex resistance bands are specifically designed, to help you exercise a wide variety of muscles, without using heavy exercising tools. 

Strengthen Muscles – Fitness Resistance bands build strength and muscle mass. The resistance offers bits of help in stretching the muscles better. It is an appropriate tool for muscle strengthening exercises.

Tone Body and Enhance your Confidence – Resistance bands work on muscles and eventually tones your body. A toned body boosts confidence and makes you feel happy about your body.


Specifically designed – These fitness bands are designed precisely for a variety of muscle strengthening exercises. It helps in building muscles and toning the body effectively.

Natural Latex – It has a single dipper latex tube made up of natural latex. This natural latex is 99.99% free of soluble proteins (latex allergens).

Foam Handles – It has strong cushioned foam handles with zinc alloy clips and D-ring.

Over 30 Resistance levels – It allows over 30 distinct resistance levels by attaching the bands (1, 2, 3, 4, or all 5) to the handle. 

Metal Clipping System on the bands to attach soft-grip handles or ankle-straps.

These Fitness bands are light in weight, easy to carry, and consume less space.

Special Attributes

  1. Super lightweight
  2. Portable
  3. Saves space
  4. Natural Latex Tubing
  5. Metal Clipping
  6. With Travel Carry Bag

Package includes

  1. 5 Resistance bands
  2. 2 foam handles
  3. 2 ankle straps
  4. 1 Door anchor
  5. 1 Carry bag

Why Choose Fitness Resistance Bands?

You are keen to strengthen your muscles.

Your job demands traveling.

You don’t have time to gym.

You want a toned body.

How does it Work?

Resistance bands increase tension on stretching, allowing muscles to work harder. By changing the length of the band, you can adjust the amount of resistance according to your requirement. 



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