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Elevate Your Comfort and Health: Self-Heating Magnetic Therapy Wristband

Introducing our revolutionary Self-Heating Magnetic Therapy Wristband – a multifunctional accessory designed to bring warmth, comfort, and therapeutic benefits to your hands and wrists.

Key Benefits:

  • Self-Heating Comfort: Integrated with a self-heating feature, it provides soothing warmth to alleviate stiffness and cold sensations in your wrists.

  • Magnetic Therapy: Embedded magnets offer magnetic therapy support, reducing pain and inflammation for enhanced well-being.
  • Compression Support: The compression design ensures snug support while improving blood circulation, ideal for both recovery and performance.

  • Versatile Sanitizer Belt: Doubling as a sanitizer belt, it's an essential companion for maintaining hygiene, especially during cold and flu season.

Product Features:

  • High-Quality Construction: Made from magnetic cloth, OK cloth, and self-heating materials, ensuring durability, breathability, and optimal comfort.
  • Adjustable Design: Features thumb holes for a secure fit and flexibility in how you wear it – either on your fingers or around your wrist.
  • Pain Relief: Effective in relieving fatigue, pain, inflammation, and promoting blood circulation.
  • Sports and Daily Use: Ideal for athletes, weight lifting, running, or daily activities requiring wrist support.


  • Colour: Sleek Black
  • Size: 37.5x8cm (14.76x3.15in)
  • Material: A combination of magnetic and OK cloth, with a self-heating mechanism.

Package Includes: 1 x Self-Heating Magnetic Therapy Wristband

Transform how you care for your wrists – whether it's during a workout, while gaming, or in your daily routine, our Self-Heating Magnetic Therapy Wristband is your go-to for enhanced comfort and health.

Experience the blend of warmth, support, and therapy with just a wrap around your wrist.

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