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Are you suffering from foot and heel pain? We can help you with our newly designed splint that has adjustable straps and will give you a gentle stretching of your plantar fascia and achilles tendon. It helps you to maintain a comfortable, neutral position while you are sleeping or resting.

The Following Features:

  • Lightweight and simple to fit.
  • Provides visible improvement in patient's gait.
  •  It is designed to promote a natural step and prevent foot drop disease. 
  • Helps to treat foot drop, stroke patients, or people dealing with leg muscle disorders. 
  • Contact buckles and Velcro closures make it easy to adjust as needed. 
  • Convenient design can be worn on the right or left foot, can wear shoes or socks. 
  • Soft feel smooth against your skin, comfortable to wear. 
  • One size fits most people.

Use Range:

  • Disease caused by various, foot valgus and foot drop, corrective hand can return to the normal shape of the foot various, foot valgus and foot drop. 
  • Severe ankle sprain.
  •  The ligament is torn and loose. 
  • Stable fracture 
  • Ankle pain • Soft tissue is severely damaged. 
  • Protection and rehabilitation after surgical plaster

Product Details

  •  Breathable composite fabric – The composite fabric has a stable shape, is skin-friendly, breathable, soft, sweat- absorbent, and durable.

  • Aluminium alloy steel plate support – Plastic aluminum alloy base support fits healthy finger arc, good toughness and adjustable curving.

  • Exquisite binding Velcro – easy to fix, adjustable elastic. No longer for finger thickness. Wear Trouble.


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