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Unleash Ultimate Relaxation with the Chic Handheld Body Massager

Step into a world of soothing relief and invigorating rejuvenation with our cutting-edge Handheld Body Massager. Boasting a sleek, ergonomic design, this lightweight marvel is your new best friend for combating muscle fatigue, soreness, and awakening those dormant fat deposits.

Designed for Comfort, Crafted for Relief: With its powerful motor churning out a robust 2900 reps per minute, dive deep into your tissues, offering a massage that's as effective as it is soothing. Its user-friendly design ensures a grip that's both comfortable and secure, allowing you to glide over sore muscles with ease and precision.

Tailor Your Bliss: Customize your relaxation session with an adjustable speed switch and four innovative massage heads:

  • Flat Head: Experience gentle decompression, perfect for tender areas like your abdomen and face.
  • Ball Head: Enhance your massage with essential oils for a sensory retreat.
  • Wavy Head: Dive deep into your muscle tissue and acupuncture points for targeted relief.
  • Micro Filer Head: Say goodbye to calluses and dead skin, revealing smooth, revitalized skin.

Features at a Glance:

  • Vibrational massage to ease muscles and delve into the deep tissue.
  • Speed customization for a massage that's just right.
  • Ideal for a full-body massage – from your feet to your glutes, and everything in between.

Product Specifications:

  • Model: PL 601
  • Color: Bold Red
  • Power: 28W, with a frequency of 50Hz
  • Sturdy ABS construction
  • A rotational speed that packs a punch at 2900 RPM
  • Includes an AU plug for convenience.

In the Box:

  • 1x Premier Scraping Adjustable Machine
  • 4x Diverse Massage Heads
  • 1x Protective Net Cover
  • 1x User-Friendly Instruction Manual

Transform your daily routine into an escape with our Handheld Body Massager – because you deserve to feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and remarkably refreshed.

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