Full Leg Compression Sleeve

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Size: M
Pack: 1 Sleeve
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Prevent injuries, improve your athletic performances using Full Leg Compression Sleeve and Exercise safer and comfortably.

Why Choose Full Leg Compression Sleeve?

  • You exercise that puts a great amount of stress on the leg joints.
  • You are engaged in activities like running, cycling, and mountain climbing.
  • You play sports like football, skiing, tennis, basketball, etc.
  • You have cold legs due to old age.
  • You suffer from varicose veins.

A Full Leg Compression Sleeve squeezes or compresses the legs so that muscles and blood vessels function properly. It promotes healthy blood circulation and is beneficial for sports activities and medical purposes.

Avoid Injuries And Workout Safer – The body produces lactic acid along with other wastes during workouts/exercise. This lactic acid contributes to muscle pain. Graduated leg compression boosts circulation and reduces inflammation.

Reduce Swelling And Support Healing – Compression helps in reducing swelling due to injuries. It also supports the healing of shin splints, muscle cramps, and tendinitis.

Benefit Athletic Performance – Oxygenated blood boosts muscle functioning. Leg Compression Sleeve increases the blood flow and gives more oxygen/nutrients to muscles. It further reduces muscle fatigue and enhances athletic strength.

Prevent Pain And Discomfort Due To Varicose Veins – Leg Compression Sleeves are the best medically prescribed ways of reducing pain from varicose veins.

How Does It Work?

Full Leg Compression Sleeve functioning is based on the concept of graduated compression. It lets the user combat gravity and sends deoxygenated blood upwards to the heart. It boosts blood circulation and helps muscles get oxygenated blood.


High-Quality Material: Full Leg Compression Sleeve is made up of comfortable and breathable materials - cotton and nylon.

Paste Strap: Sticky, adjustable straps maintain better compression and enhanced support.

Knitted Technical Design: Special knitted design matches different joints and provides the perfect fit, irrespective of the size and gender. 

Suitable For All Seasons: Winter cold protection and summer air-conditioned, breathable material provide comfort in all seasons.

Special Attributes

  • Unisex
  • Elastic and Breathable Material
  • Pressurize Bandage
  • 3D Compression Design
  • Anti-Slip Sleeve
  • Strong Wrapping
  • Skin-Friendly
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Promote Blood Circulation
  • Prevent Varicose Veins

How To Select The Size?

Measurement Method - Measure the perimeter 15cm above the knee.

Size Chart:

M 36-42 cm

L 42-48 cm

XL 48-52 cm                                                                                                                      

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