Electric Insect Swatter Racket

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End the Buzzing Battle: Electric Insect Swatter Racket with Trap Lamp - The Ultimate 2-IN-1 Solution!

Ready to Win the War Against Mosquitoes and Flies? Say goodbye to pesky insects for good! Our Electric Insect Swatter Racket isn’t just a regular swatter – it's a powerful, hands-free 2-in-1 Trap Lamp and Zapper. Effortlessly eliminate mosquitoes and flies with a single swing, or let the built-in trap do the work for you.

Why This Electric Insect Swatter Racket is a Must-Have:

  • Instant Kill with High-Volt Power: Boasts an instantaneous voltage of 3000V, effectively zapping mosquitoes and flies instantly without harming humans.
  • Innovative Built-In Electric Mosquito Light Trap: Equipped with 6 violet purple LED light beads, emitting a 400mm wavelength to attract and annihilate mosquitoes.
  • Utmost Safety Features: Features an outer nickel-plated stainless steel mesh and inner aluminum mesh, preventing electric leakage and safe for all ages.
  • Long-Lasting 2000 mAh Battery: Comes with a real capacity battery, larger than similar products, ensuring extended use and reliability.
  • Power Level Display: Never be caught off-guard with its clear power level indicator, keeping you prepared at all times.

Transform Your Home into a Bug-Free Haven: Imagine a home where you can relax in peace, without the annoyance of buzzing insects. Whether you're dining outside, lounging in your living room, or enjoying a night's sleep, our Electric Insect Swatter Racket ensures a comfortable, bug-free environment.

Unique Features for a Superior Experience:

  • Double Duty Efficiency: Use it as a handheld swatter for instant action or as a standing trap lamp for continuous protection.
  • Versatile Charging Options: Includes a charging base and cable for easy recharging via any USB charger.
  • Portable Convenience: Detach from the power supply and carry it wherever you go, ensuring you're always protected.

Package Content:

  • Electric Mosquito Swatter x 1
  • Charging Base x 1
  • Charging Cable x 1

Embrace the Ultimate Insect-Free Living! Don't let mosquitoes and flies ruin your day. Our Electric Insect Swatter Racket with Trap Lamp is the solution you've been waiting for. Click 'Add to Cart' now and step into a world where insects are a problem of the past!

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