ECO Essential Aroma Air Diffuser - Humidifier

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Prevent Dryness, Moisturize the Air 

Prevent air dryness, leading to multiple health issues with air humidifiers. It works as substantial support in hot and dry weather. The humidifiers are extra beneficial for areas using air conditioners widely. Adding moisture to the air helps stabilize many skin and respiratory problems. Adopt this simple home remedy for the adverse impacts of dry air. 

Health Benefits 

Air that is not too dry helps in avoiding cold and flu. The acceptable level of humidity in the air constrains virus and bacterial activities.  

Dry and thick mucous in dry air causes clogged nasal passages and eventually gives rise to the stuffy nose and sinus pain. Humidifiers help in breaking up the phlegm by adding moisture.

Moist air helps in retaining the skin moisture, keeps it soft, supple in cold, dry weather.

The acceptable amount of air humidity helps in keeping hair and scalp healthy. It prevents the scalp from getting dry and itchy by keeping the air moisturized.

Other Benefits 

Moisture-loving indoor plants get a better life and longevity with air humidifiers. 

Dry air damages the wooden furniture and flooring. The air humidifier protects them from getting cracked or shrunk.

In summers, high use of air conditioners dries out the air. The air humidifier is the perfect solution for the spring and summer seasons. 


  • With Essential Aroma Oil Diffuser refreshes the air. 
  • Ultra Quiet due to patented internal structure to reduce water-dripping sound.
  • Available in two colors – Dark wood grain and light wood grain.
  • 7 LED colour options.
  • Adds moisture to the air. Suitable for desk, bedside, by the sofa, and in the car. 

How to operate it?

The six easy steps to operate the electric air humidifier and essential oil diffuser are:

  1. Open the top cover counterclockwise.
  2. Take out the swab.
  3. Soak it for one or two minutes.
  4. Install the swab in the top cover.
  5. Add up to 300ml of water.
  6. Close the top cover. Turn on the power and the humidifier.

Key Note: Put essential oil in the right proportion in the humidifier to prevent it from damage.  

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