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We believe in healthy living. Our digital wrist blood pressure monitors are the perfect solution for keeping your family in top shape with accurate, up-to-date readings. The lightweight design is convenient for quick readings, and the sleek look will blend in with any lifestyle.

Measure your blood pressure in seconds! If you're looking for a portable, easy-to-use, and accurate blood pressure monitor, look no further. With a one-touch activation function and a compact design, you can use this digital wrist blood pressure monitor wherever you are.

  • One-button measurement
  • Large LCD Screen with big numbers is easier to read the results. Highly intuitive.
  • 99 reading memories
  • Fast reading in less than 1 minute

One long press on the button, wrist blood pressure cuff will inflate and deflate automatically for testing, the blood pressure machine wrist will display the readings in less than 1 min. Very prompt automatic blood pressure cuff.

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