Deluxe Hand Massager with Air Pressure and Heat Compression


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Deluxe Hand Massager 

Empower your everyday health and energy with this highest quality electric hand massager of newest generation!

Incredible features, simplicity of use, and impeccable efficiency make this hand massager one of the best solutions for palm, finger, acupoint wireless massage with air pressure as well as heat compression.

Could you think of a better gift for people who use their hands intensely without relaxation periods – such as computer workers, pianists, housewives and others?

The Deluxe Hand Massager will do wonders at shunning away all the stress and strain of your daily chores while giving you a robust massage experience that will leave you happy and relaxed!

  • Intelligent air pressure
  • Point massage,
  • Heat compressor,
  • Massages the pressure points around the palms, joints and fingers.

Great Gift for people who use their hands such as computer worker, pianist and housewife etc. The Deluxe Hand Massager squeezes away the stress and strain of daily life to give you a robust massage experience that's nothing like you've ever tried before!  Simply place your entire hand in the soft, cloth-lined chamber and turn it on. Built-in air pressure inflate and deflate to squeeze away aches and stress. With the same time, the heat compression function to care your hand.

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