AMS Compression Socks

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Promote blood flow from your legs to your heart using Compression Socks/Stockings.

Compression stockings work on 'Compression Therapy' reducing pain in the ankles and legs. These stockings promote blood flow by applying gentle pressure to your legs and ankle.

Why Choose Compression Socks/Stockings?

  • You are engaged in sports activities like running, hiking, cycling, etc.
  • You have a profession that causes stress on leg muscles.
  • You are diabetic, pregnant, or suffering from shin splints, edema, DVT, or varicose veins.
  • You have swelling, pain in the legs, poor blood circulation or an inactive lifestyle.

How Does It Work?

Compression socks apply pressure to the leg and ankle muscles, narrowing the diameter of major veins. It further enhances the velocity of blood flow towards the heart. It helps augment the blood circulation and supplies oxygenated blood to leg muscles.

Boost Circulation In Legs – Compression Stockings apply pressure to the legs and ankles and help blood flow up to the heart. It improves the blood circulation in the legs and relieves muscles.

Prevents Blood Clots In Legs – Post-surgery or bedridden conditions enhance the chances of blood clots in the legs. Compression Socks increase the blood flow and reduce the risk of clotting due to an inactive lifestyle.

Reduce Swelling – Pregnancy and certain medical conditions like Diabetes, Edema, etc., give rise to swelling in the legs. Wearing Compression Socks reduces swelling and improves blood flow in the legs.

Promote Blood Flow In Varicose Veins – Wearing Compression Socks prevent the development of the varicose veins. In situations of already existing varicose veins, Compression Socks stop them from getting worse.

Relieve Pain And Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis – Blood clots in the veins of the legs could be very painful. Compression Stockings help prevent DVT and complications due to it.

Enhances Athletic Performance – Compression Socks/Stockings help athletes perform better by supporting muscles and preventing injuries during sports/activities.



    Air Permeable Material – The nylon fabric of Compression Stockings provides good air permeability, making it breathable.

    Provide Comfort And Strength – High-quality fabric prevents falling off and provides good foot strength. It supports the comfort and smooth movement of the user.

    Good Abrasion Resistance – The nylon fabric comes with good abrasion resistance. It unites with the heel and prevents it from slipping.  

    Special Attributes

    • High-Quality Fabric
    • Comfortable and Durable
    • Graduated Compression Functionality
    • Innovative, Colourful, and In Vogue Pattern
    • Dynamic Tide Socks
    • Unisex
    • Easy To Wear

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