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Endure Correct Posture with Eased Neck and Aligned Spine 

Due to incorrect posture, overuse of the neck, or neck injury, muscles and ligaments get affected, triggering neck pain. The bones, ligaments, and muscles significantly support normal neck functions. Any abnormality in these gives rise to neck and cervical pain. The cervical pain, though it sounds like a normal pain but affects life considerably. Cervical Neck Traction Device supports the neck and optimises the spinal alignment, resulting in calm and relaxed muscles.

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Support Neck, Relax Muscles – This traction device provides essential support to the neck. By elevating the jawline and creating maximum spine alignment, this device reduces the tension in nerves and makes you feel more relaxed.  

Correct Body Posture, Enhance Confidence – Through elevated jawline and ideal spine alignment, making you feel more confident with your body.

Combat Cervical Pain – This device works on neck bones, tissues, and ligaments and relieves the tension in the nerves. Along with muscles, it works effectively on spine alignment and proves to be a saviour from cervical pain.  

Ease out Daily Activities – With relaxed muscles and alleviated cervical pain, get the freedom of performing numerous daily activities that are impossible otherwise. This device allows you to perform daily activities with ease and cheerfulness.

Well Suited for Injury and other Medical Conditions – This neck traction is equally beneficial in neck injuries and medical conditions like neck/head/shoulder pain, herniated or injured discs, and pinched nerves. 

  • Optimal Neck Alignment: Cervicollar™ keeps your neck perfectly aligned and delivers instant muscle relaxation. If you suffer from neck pain, sore neck or back pain, it is the ideal neck comforter for you.

  • Adjustable Traction: You can easily inflate Cervicollar™ using the handheld pump. You can also hold the air pressure with the small air valve provided near the pump. Wear it daily for 15 minutes and escalate the traction slowly.

  • Support On The Go: Cervicollar™ can be used anywhere, be it your home or work. Just deflate it, fold it, and put it in your carry bag. It occupies negligible space and requires no assembly.

  • Premium Quality: Made with high-grade flannel and valve, Cervicollar™ ensures durability and coziness. The comforter is made with very soft material and the air tubes are air-tight so you don’t have to worry about any leakage

Why Choose Cervical Neck Traction Device?

You suffer from Cervical spine pain.

You suffer from medical conditions like pinched nerves, herniated disc or back, and spinal decompression.

You have an incorrect Neck Posture.

You have tensed neck, back, and shoulder muscles.

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