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Treat your calf pain and prevent venous diseases significantly using AMS Calf Compression Sleeve.

- Do you wanna reduce the risk of getting varicose ?
- Do you have shin splints, calf pain, or a lack of blood circulation?
- Do you enjoy working out, are you a serious athlete, or are you interested in running a marathon?
- Do you want to reduce your risk of injury while also improving your exercise performance? 

AMS Calf Compression Sleeves are an effective way to treat leg pain and improve blood circulation considerably. Our professional-grade sleeves worn during and/or after workouts or runs promote quick healing.

Supports Muscle Recovery – Calf Compression Sleeves increase the flow of blood circulation to the muscles. It quickens muscle recovery post-workout and enhances muscle endurance. It provides muscle stabilization and reduces muscle vibration & oscillation, thus reducing muscular fatigue and improving strength and endurance

Reduces Damage Risk – People engaged in strenuous physical activities are more prone to joint and limb injuries. Calf Compression Sleeves are a good preventive measure for joint or limbs damage and thwart calf thickening.

Relieve Pain – Calf Compression Sleeves reduce muscle vibrations and further reduce muscle fatigue and soreness. Improved blood circulation provides oxygen and relieves pain.

Enhances Athletic Performance – Warm muscles are less likely to be injured during athletic activities. Warm-ups are thus an essential part of the workout and sports. Calf Compression Sleeves warm up legs pre-exercise and enhance the performance.

Fit For All Sports – These Calf Compression Sleeves are suitable for sports and activities causing stress on the calf. It includes a marathon, running, jogging, hiking, gym fitness training, cycling, basketball, weight lifting, and other activities.


Premium Quality Material – Made of supreme quality fabric – Polyester and Spandex. They allow air circulation to the skin and maintain firm pressure on the calves. Moreover, breathable and anti-odour fabric makes it comfortable to wear for long hours.  

Effective Compression – Graduated compression improves blood circulation and reduces the risk of injuries.

Protective Design – The highly protective design allows shock and vibration absorption that helps preventing against shin splints and calf cramps.

Coherent Structure – The seamless structure of leg Compression Sleeves helps reduce fatigue and perform better.

Why Choose AMS Calf Compression Sleeve ?

You play sports or are involved in activities, like cycling, hiking, jogging, marathon, weightlifting, etc.

You experience occasional leg/calf pain or have sore muscles or varicose veins.

You are a fitness enthusiast. You exercise and take regular health training.

Special Attributes

  • Material: Polyester + Spandex
  • Anti-Slip Design: Built-in Silicone Anti-Skid Strip doesn’t allow it to slide easily.
  • Breathable Stretch Fabric
  • Gradient Pressurization
  • Digital Printing
  • Comfortable, Durable, and Fashionable
  • Extra Strength Fasteners
  • Unisex
  • Size: M/L/XL

Size Chart: 

Size M:
Length 29cm
Upper diameter 26-32cm
Lower diameter 16-19cm

Size L:
Length 30cm
Upper diameter 28-34cm
Lower diameter 18-21cm

Size XL:
Length 31cm
Upper diameter 30-39cm
Lower diameter 20-23cm

What's in the package ?

1 Pair (2 pieces) - AMS Calf Compression Sleeve

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