Ankle Brace Compression

Colour: Green
Size: M (AUS 5)
Quantity: One
Sale price$37.90


Are you recovering from a bad ankle sprain? Are you looking for more support? The Ankle Support Brace Compression is a great, affordable option for you. This product provides stability to the ankle joint during intense activity and protection against sprains and lateral twists. Available in 3 sizes, this brace helps prevent re-injury and provides support while you're recovering.

  • Offers relief from inflammation and pain in the foot and ankle.

  • Helps promote better circulation.

  • Prevents swelling and injury that can sometimes happen when you're on your feet all day.

Our Ankle Brace Support Compression will reduce swelling, provide pain relief, and increase circulation. This is the best product for all your ankle needs. It includes breathable materials to prevent blistering or itching, pressure relief to reduce chances of blisters, and a lightweight design for mobility.

  • The perfect accessory for those with swollen ankles, these braces will compress and reduce the swelling.

  • Featuring anti-slip fabric on the inside to prevent it from sliding down.

  • Comes in a variety of colours, so you can match it to your favourite outfit.

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