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Relax your Muscles and Embrace the General Wellness with 28 Mode EMS TENS Muscle Stimulator Machine Touch Screen

Changing lifestyle and intensified competition has given birth to numerous physical and mental health issues. Not just physical aches but mental stress, anxiety, and depression are also on the increase. This EMS TENS Muscle Stimulator is explicitly made to relieve all sorts of aches and stress by providing comfort to the body. 

Relax the Muscles – This device relieves your minor nerve and muscle pains, making you feel relaxed. It gives you a more active and functional body. 

Get Better Sleep – Relaxed muscles give comfort to the body allowing you to enjoy a sound sleep.

Keep Stress Away – Electric Massager works against stress and anxiety, helps in reviving energy and mental health. 


Massage Modes – It offers 28 pre-programmed massage modes (Tuina, Acupuncture, Tapping, Guasha, Cupping, Combination, Shiatus, Deep Tissue Massage, Back Pain, Pressure, Body Building, Weight Loss)

Massage Intensity – This massager comes with 20 intensity settings that enable you to set the intensity as per your requirement. 

Large Backlit LCD Display -  Large and high-definition screen makes it easy to read and operate the functions. 

Touch Screen – The touch-screen feature helps easy maneuver. It has a 0.03sec touch reaction speed.

It comes with an adjustable Massager time

Power Supply – Lithium battery (400ma) is used for power supply, which takes approx. 4 hours to charge.

Special Attributes

  1. Multiplayer Use
  2. Adjustable Massage Time 
  3. Large display
  4. Touch screen
  5. Adjustable Strength
  6. 4 Self-Adhesive Pads
  7. Portable
  8. In-built Battery
  9. Dual-Channel 

Why Choose Electronic Pulse Massager?

You suffer from muscle tension, pain, or poor circulation.

You have a sedentary lifestyle and have tight neck and shoulder muscles.

You travel frequently or drive for long hours.

You do a high-intensity workout.

You suffer from mental health issues like stress and anxiety or are unable to take a sound sleep.

How does it Work?

This device helps in relieving muscle pain and in reducing stress. Its two main elements, namely, Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulator and Electronic Muscle Stimulator generate the stimulation signal. This signal is sent to the lead wires with electrode pads, placed at the pain point. It further relaxes your muscles according to the selected intensity.   

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