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Turn any seat into a relaxing massage experience with Luxosit™. It is a portable heated seat massager that will convert your seat into a temporary massage station, be it your home, office or car.




Equipped with multiple massage nodes and vibration levels for different pressure points, this heat massager massages your neck, shoulder, back, waist, hip, and thigh areas. There are various massaging modes and speed levels that can be conveniently switched using a remote controller.

It comes with dual power cables, making it suitable for both indoors as well as for taking it on the go. So, no more waiting for appointments and spending big bucks for a massage, just bring home Luxosit™ and get a massage anywhere anytime.

  • Heated Therapy: Equipped with heated filaments, regular use of massage cushion improves blood circulation, reduces muscle pain and increases flexibility. Thus, improving overall health.
  • Safety Automatic Timer: This back massager has an automatic timer that shuts off the device after the desired time. It also senses when the device overheats and cuts off the power supply.
  • Universally Compatible: The size and design of Luxosit™ make it compatible for all seats. It will fit on all the chairs at your home or at the office, your couch, bed, and even your car seat.
  • Light and Compact: Luxosit™ is very sleek and lightweight, making it very easy to carry and install. It is also foldable and hence can be stored conveniently after using it.

  • Premium Quality: Made with pure copper coils and high-grade PU material, this car seat massager ensures sturdiness and durability. Its gradual use will help you improve your posture as well.


What is in the Box:

1 - Luxosit Portable Massage Chair
1 - Power Cord
1 - Car Power Cord
1 - Manual

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