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It's difficult to live your day-to-day life with a sore back. Whether you're sitting at the office, driving the kids to school, or working out at the gym, it's hard to do so without feeling pain or discomfort.

Most people don't realize that this discomfort is due to a small misalignment of their spine. The Lumbar and Waist Support Belt was designed to keep your spine in alignment. This allows for continuous motion without pain, giving you the ability to be more productive, engaged, and comfortable.

  • Made of breathable material so you don't have to worry about feeling too hot.

  • You'll enjoy full mobility without having to worry about back pain.

  • Keep the correct alignment of your spine.

Fortify your spine with the clinically-tested Lumbar Waist Support Belt. The belt conforms to the curves of the lower back, preventing injuries, improving posture, and giving you support during heavy lifting or post-surgery rehabilitation. The strong elastic nylon reduces pressure on the spine and nerves, while the breathable mesh lining keeps you cool and comfortable.

  • Stabilize your posture to prevent injury and be able to train longer.

  • Keep your back safe from injuries by preventing herniated discs and sprains.

  • Prevent low-back pain with support that doesn't feel overly stiff or restrictive.

  • Reduce the risk of weightlifting related injuries by providing you with the right support during heavy training.

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