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Relieve Knee Pressure and Promote Spinal Alignment

A common problem that side-sleepers suffer from is the misalignment of the spine resulting in knee and hip pains. The heart-shaped foam knee pillow, is explicitly designed to align the back and to eliminate the pressure from the hips.

Sustain Spinal alignment – Side sleeping often damage spine alignment by putting strain on sensitive pressure points. The cushioning of the pillow supports the spinal positioning and keeps it sustained.  

Reduce Knee and Sciatica Pain – Its foam helps in reducing strain from the back, knees, and spine, resulting in reduced sciatica nerve pain. 

Relieve Muscle Cramps – Inconvenient sleeping positions generate muscle cramps and tensions. Using a foam pillow between legs supports knees and boosts sound sleep.

Overcome breathing conditions – Using the foam pillow between legs keeps the spine align and helps open air passages, thus overcoming the breathing issues.

Improve Blood Circulation – Elevated and separated knees support proper blood flow throughout the body, as raised lower part pushes back the blood to the heart.

Preclude Varicose Veins – Through better blood circulation, prevents swollen varicose veins.

Comfort and Support to Pregnant Women – Over or extra weight put more pressure on knees while sleeping. Knee pillows reduce the discomfort to a great extent.


Dimensions - 25 x 23 x 13cm

Foamed Pillow - It provides extra comfort, cushioning, and support to the body.

Unique Shape – Its unique shape fits the natural curve of legs, fits both men and women comfortably.

Restores Natural alignment – This pillow revives the natural alignment of hips, knees, and spine and stabilizes the pelvis and lower back.

Ventilated Memory Foam – Ventilated air holes in memory foam promote air circulation throughout the night.

Temperature Regulating Foam Technology – This technology pushes the heat outwards away from the body, keeps you cool all night.

Special Attributes 

  1. Ventilated Foam
  2. Unique Shape
  3. Temperature Regulation
  4. Restores Shape
  5. Portable
  6. Machine-wash
  7. Stays Cool and Dry
  8. Unisex

Why Choose Heart-shaped memory foam knee pillow?

  • You suffer from back, knees, and hips aches.
  • You have Varicose veins.
  • You are overweight or pregnant.
  • You have breathing issues while sleeping.
  • You often suffer from muscle pains or cramps.

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