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 You know how sometimes you can't get to sleep because you're too excited about the day ahead, but your brain won't shut off ? The Sleep Headband helps you relax and can help with insomnia and stress. It's one size fits all.

  • Simply put on your headband and play your favorite music, movies, or tv shows to help fall asleep.

  • Provide soothing sounds, voices, or even a guided meditation to help you sleep better.

  • Scientifically proven to improve sleep quality.

  • Who knew that falling asleep was this easy ?!

The Comfy Sleep Headband has Bluetooth earphone that can help you fall asleep while listening to your favourite relaxing music. Sleep Headband has a high-quality and comfortable headband which means you won't even notice it. The earphone is hidden in the headband, which means you'll be able to wear it anywhere without trouble. It has a durable battery life of 10 hours.

  • Sleep Headband with a Modern Style

  • Comfortable, Stretchy and Comfortable

  • Bluetooth Music Connects wirelessly

  • Silent Soothing Sounds for Stress Relief

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