The Benefits of a Massage Gun

              A Massage Gun is known to offer the same results as a deep tissue massage also known as percussive or vibration therapy. Masseurs and masseuses have traditionally used a series of light strikes from the hands or wrists to the given muscle group to get this effect. You can consider a Massage Gun as a portable sports massage therapist that can fit into your bag,  travel with you anywhere and treat every muscular ache.

              Massage Gun has been in high demand in recent years, due to its ability in relieving aches, and increasing blood circulation. It also helps shorten recovery time. Below are more benefits of using a Massage Gun.

 Benefits Massage Gun


Delivers highly effective therapy

              A massage gun helps improve muscle contraction, which results in the lengthening and strengthening of the muscles and fascial tissues. This helps relax the muscles and relieve tension in the body, which would help shorten the muscle recovery time between workouts, and allow the muscles to bounce back within the shortest possible time.


Fast Muscle Recovery

              Percussive therapy, such as that from a massage gun, promotes quicker recovery by encouraging nutrients into the muscle and fibres. The vibrations from the massage help improve blood and lymph circulation around the body, which helps produce more oxygen and nutrients into the muscles. The result of this is speedy recovery, improved range of motion, pain relief and relieving muscle fatigue and soreness. Pain in the neck, shoulders and lower back can easily be relieved with the advanced vibrating effect from massage guns.



              A massage gun doesn’t just help muscles recover after exercise. A great deal of damage can be caused by exercising with cold, tight muscles. Many people head out for a run only to have tight calves or hamstrings the next day. As well as a warm-up routine, a massage gun can help loosen specific areas – if you suffer from tight hamstrings, for example, using a massage gun before a run will significantly help to lengthen the muscles and reduce contraction. A massage gun is also an effective tool in an athlete’s warm-up, cool down and recovery post-workout.


Extend the benefits of a massage at home 

              Not many of us have that luxury to go to a spa to be massaged by a masseur every time after a workout or shoulder, neck stiffness due to working on your laptop all day. A massage gun provides the next best thing. You know how great it feels to have those knotty muscles loosened.


Wellness Benefits

              There are many other health benefits of Massage Guns apart from relaxing the muscles and alleviating pain. This includes increased mobility, improved sleep, and improved immunity. It is also helpful for depression and anxiety, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, and stress-related insomnia.


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